Loser – Master Hurtful Words

“Let’s play badminton,” said Master Hurtful Words. “Badminton is a good game to play on a warm summer day.”

“Yes,” said Jillian. “That sounds like fun.”

Master Hurtful Words and Jillian were having fun playing badminton but Master Hurtful Words hurt his ankle and needed to stop.

“What a loser!” cried Jillian, who was very upset, because she thought Master Hurtful Words was faking his injury. “You just don’t want to play anymore.”

“That isn’t nice,” said Master Hurtful Words. “I really hurt my ankle. You shouldn’t have called me a loser. Loser is a hurtful word.”

Master Hurtful Words hobbled over to a bench. He took off his shoe and Jillian saw his ankle was swollen and it was starting to bruise. She felt horrible for what she called Master Hurtful Words.

“I am very sorry,” said Jillian. “I don’t know why I said that. Is there anything I can do for you?”

“Help me get home,” said Master Hurtful Words. “Please. I need to put some ice on my ankle.”

Julian helped Master Hurtful Words home and got him some ice for his ankle.

“Will you forgive me?” asked Jillian. “I feel horrible for what I said to you. I thought you were faking your injury just so you wouldn’t have to finish our game of badminton.”

“Yes I will forgive you,” said Master Hurtful Words. “But, please think before you use hurtful words.”

“I will,” said Jillian. “I promise.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Always think before you speak.
  • Example: Jillian called Master Hurtful Words a loser because she thought he was faking an injury to get out of a badminton game.

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