Smoky Day for Mountain Kid

It was a warm summer day but it was also a very smoky day in the mountains in British Columbia, Canada. It was, after all, forest fire season.

Mountain Kid stepped outside of his log cabin. He could see the smoke was thick and it seemed to hover over the entire valley.

“I see why there is so much smoke today,” said Mountain Kid, looking up into the mountain behind him and seeing flames from a forest fire that had just started the night before from a lightning strike. “At least that fire is far enough up the mountain that it shouldn’t affect my cabin or barn.”

Even though the fire itself wasn’t a threat, Mountain Kid knew the smoke could be a health problem.

“Such a smoky day,” said Mountain Kid. “My eyes are starting to sting from it.”

Mountain Kid went back inside the cabin and quickly shut all the windows. He didn’t want the smoke inside. He knew some smoke would get in but at least he could keep the majority of it out.

“Now I need to go outside and get my chores are done,” said Mountain Kid. “Unfortunately my chores are not something that can wait.”

Mountain Kid did his chores as quickly as he could. He needed to get out of the smoke as quickly as possible. He could feel the smoke in his throat and it started entering his nostrils.

“I can’t stay out here much longer,” said Mountain Kid, coughing and rubbing his eyes.

Unfortunately, the smoke lingered over the valley for a few days. However, Mountain Kid knew there were far bigger forest fires burning and those were causing smoke to linger in other areas, sometimes for weeks.


Moral of this Story:

  • We can have smoky days in the mountains due to forest fires.
  • Example: Mountain Kid was having a difficult time because of the smoke from the forest fire.

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