Camping in the Rain

Forgetful Fred came home from work on a Friday evening. His wife, Sarah, was in the kitchen cooking dinner. She took one look at Forgetful Fred’s face and knew something was up. He just looked happier than usual.

“Okay,” said Sarah, drying her hands on a tea towel. “What’s up?”

“What do you mean?” asked Forgetful Fred. “I don’t know what you are talking about?”

“And I don’t believe you,” smiled Sarah. “I know that look on your face. You are up to something.”

“Gee it is the weekend,” said Forgetful Fred. “Why can’t I be happy?”

“Because weekend or not,” said Sarah. “You are never happy lately. You are always so worried about money and work.”

“Well,” said Forgetful Fred, not able to deny what Sarah had just said to him. “This weekend is different.”

“How so?” asked Sarah. “Did you get a raise or a promotion?”

“No,” said Forgetful Fred. “But I have decided that bright and early tomorrow morning, we are going to go camping.”

“Camping!” exclaimed Sarah. “Forgetful Fred have you lost your mind totally. It is supposed to rain all weekend long.”

“But it doesn’t matter about the rain,” said Forgetful Fred. “I am a man and if I can’t handle a little rain, then there is something wrong.”

“True,” said Sarah. “But you have never been camping before.”

“Well then it is a good time to start,” said Forgetful Fred. “Every man should go camping at least once in their lives.”

“And what about the women?” asked Sarah. “You haven’t asked if I would like to go with you.”

“Sorry about that,” said Forgetful Fred. “I just assumed you would want to go with me.”

“Okay,” said Sarah. “Yes, I will go with you.”

Forgetful Fred and Sarah got all their camping gear packed into their car that evening after dinner so that they could leave bright and early that next morning. That next morning it was pouring rain but it didn’t seem to bother Forgetful Fred one bit.

“This is going to be so much fun,” said Forgetful Fred, when they stopped and grabbed a bite to eat. “I am looking so forward to camping.”

“Me too,” said Sarah. “However I am not looking forward to the rain.”

“How bad can it be?” asked Forgetful Fred.

Well, Forgetful Fred can tell you that camping in the rain was no fun whatsoever. First, he had to pitch the tent in the mud and there was a great big water puddle at the entrance to the tent. He was soaked through. Sarah was soaked through. They ended up getting mud all inside of the tent. Their sleeping bags were damp. They could not start a fire because everything, including their matches were soaked.

Despite everything though, Forgetful Fred did have fun camping. Sarah did too because she got to spend some quality time with her husband, something that really didn’t happen all that much when they were home because of their work schedules.

Moral of this Story:

  • It is not fun to go camping in the rain but you can still enjoy yourself.
  • Example: Forgetful Fred and Sarah went camping and it rained. However, they did get to spend some quality time together.

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