Play Safe

Travelin’ Rick just moved to Calgary, Alberta from Oshawa, Ontario. It was summer but you sure wouldn’t know it with the cool, windy and stormy days that he had seen so far.

“Where is summer?” asked Travelin’ Rick, during one of the more severe rain storms that Calgary was experiencing. “It seems that Canada’s weather has been so different from coast to coast. Both the east and the west are getting severe heat waves while Alberta has been getting nothing but wet and soggy weather. I want summer weather to hurry up and get here before summer is over.”

“Are you Travelin’ Rick?” asked a little man dressed in an orange safety vest.

“Yes,” said Travelin’ Rick, shaking hands with the little man. “Are you Safety Kid?”

“I am,” said Safety Kid.

“It is very nice to finally meet you,” said Travelin’ Rick. “I have heard a lot about you.”

“It is nice meeting you as well,” said Safety Kid. “I have heard a lot about you as well. When did you move to Calgary?”

“I just moved here,” said Travelin’ Rick.

“Welcome to Calgary,” said Safety Kid. “I moved here a few months ago. I have heard that the whole Bed Tyme Tales character list will be moving to Calgary.”

“Calgary is a very nice place,” said Travelin’ Rick. “We are so close to the mountains.”

“Yes,” said Safety Kid. “It is nice to take a few hours from a busy schedule and go visit the area.”

“The mountains are very close to where we live,” said Travelin’ Rick. “A couple hours of driving and you will see the mountains.”

“I do love mountains,” said Safety Kid. “However, do you know that because of all the rain we have had that all the streams and rivers are starting to become a very real danger?”

“Yes,” said Travelin’ Rick. “I have noticed the rivers are rising and I have also noticed how fast the water is flowing.”

“The water is flowing so fast that a grown man could be swept downstream quite easily,” said Safety Kid. “That is why it is so important for everyone to play safe.”

“I agree,” said Travelin’ Rick. “It is also important to stay away from the banks of rivers and streams.”

“I was at the river bank earlier today and it was all mud,” said Safety Kid. “One wrong move and you could slip on the mud and end up falling into the river. It is best to stay away from the river banks.”

“This time of year is always unpredictable for weather,” said Travelin’ Rick.

“Yes,” said Safety Kid. “That is so true. One minute it could be nice and warm and sunny and the next it could be hailing, raining and thundering and lightning.”

“I have heard some say that is has snowed during the summer months,” said Travelin’ Rick.

“I have heard the same,” said Safety Kid. “The reason the weather is so unpredictable is because Calgary is part of the prairies and it is so close to the mountains.”

“I can see why that would cause some unpredictable weather,” said Travelin’ Rick.

“That is true,” said Safety Kid.

“I do have to get going,” said Travelin’ Rick. “I am going to take a walk along the edge of the river.”

“Please be very careful,” said Safety Kid. “And please play safe.”

“I will,” waved Travelin’ Rick. “Thank you for your very valuable information.”

“If you see someone playing too close to the waters edge,” said Safety Kid. “Be sure to tell them about the dangers of the river at this time of the year.”

“Yes,” said Travelin’ Rick. “I will.”

Travelin’ Rick walked along the river banks when he noticed a little girl up ahead. Travelin’ Rick knew the little girl was way too close to the river.

“Little girl,” said Travelin’ Rick. “You should step away from the edge of the river. It is way too full of water. You could very easily fall into the water and if you did, you would probably be swept downstream.”

“Thank you Mister,” said the little girl.

The little girl stepped back just in time because the earth where the little girl was just standing, washed away.

“Play safe,” said Travelin’ Rick, walking the little girl back to where she lived.

“I will,” said the little girl. “I don’t want to be swept away down the river.”

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