Sprung a Leak

It was a warm summer day and Pirate Pete and his crew were sailing on the wide open sea. 
“I love summer sailing,” said Pirate Pete, standing on the deck of the ship with the wind blowing through his hair. “The wind feels so nice and refreshing.” 
“I agree,” said Pirate Pete’s crewmate, Slappy. 
“What are you doing?” asked Pirate Pete. “Why are you just standing around? Don’t you have any work to do? There must be decks to be scrubbed or a kitchen to be cleaned.” 
“I scrubbed the decks this morning,” said Slappy. “Rusty has kitchen duty this trip.” 
“Oh no!” exclaimed Pirate Pete. “Who let Rusty do kitchen duty? The last time he had kitchen duty, he ended up forgetting to turn the kitchen tap off and the kitchen was flooded.” 
“I remember that,” laughed Slappy. “There was water everywhere.” 
“Why are you laughing?” asked Pirate Pete. “It wasn’t your cabin that got soaked. It was mine.” 
“Sorry boss,” said Slappy, trying to conceal his laughter. “I forgot about that.” 
Pirate Pete walked down the first set of stairs to the kitchen. He noticed a huge puddle of water in the hallway, just outside the kitchen door. 
“Rusty!” yelled Pirate Pete. “Turn the kitchen tap off!” 
Rusty came out of the kitchen with a confused look on his face. 
“Boss,” said Rusty. “The taps in the kitchen are off. I was peeling potatoes.” 
“Then what is this puddle of water from,” said Pirate Pete. “Has the ship sprung a leak?” 
“Oh no,” said Rusty. “I sure hope not.” 
Rusty and Pirate Pete went right down into the hull of the ship. They looked all over and everything appeared to be nice and dry, including Pirate Pete’s cabin. 
“That is good,” said Pirate Pete. “At least we know the ship hasn’t sprung a leak.” 
Pirate Pete and Rusty went back upstairs and they both saw why there was a puddle of water on the floor. 
“Slappy!” yelled Pirate Pete, while watching water pour out of the bucket Slappy was using when he cleaned the deck. “Why would you use the one bucket that has a hole in it. Get rid of that bucket. It has sprung a leak.” 
“No wonder it was so light to carry,”  said Slappy. “The water was leaking out of it.” 
Pirate Pete shook his head and walked away while Rusty helped Slappy clean up the water. 

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