Master Hurtful Words – Idiot

Master Hurtful Words was sitting in a lawn chair at the beach with his friend, Jillian. They were enjoying the warm sun after having a refreshing swim. 

“This is nice,” said Master Hurtful Words. “It is nice to just sit and relax.” 

“It is nice,” agreed Jillian. “I didn’t think we were ever going to have a nice summer day. It has done nothing but rain.” 

“That is true,” said Master Hurtful Words. “This has been such a wet and cold summer.” 

“Hopefully the rest of the summer will be nice,” said Jillian. 

“Oh look,” said Master Hurtful Words. “Those kids are playing frisbee.” 

“They are playing way too close to us,” said Jillian. 

“Yes,” said Master Hurtful Words. “They are getting a little too close for comfort. Perhaps we should move further down the beach.” 

“Why should we move?” asked Jillian. “Those idiot kids shouldn’t be playing right where we are sitting.” 

“Idiot is a hurtful word,” said Master Hurtful Words. “That isn’t a very nice thing to say.” 

“But it is true,” said Jillian. “They shouldn’t be playing frisbee where people are sitting.” 

“Possibly,” said Master Hurtful Words. “But we could actually move out of their way. They were here before we got here.” 

“I suppose,” said Jillian, packing up her belongings. 

“Besides,” said Master Hurtful Words. “I am sure you would feel hurt if someone called you an idiot.” 

“Yes,” said Jillian. “That is true but I would never play frisbee so close to where people are sitting.” 

“No,” said Master Hurtful Words. “You wouldn’t but how many times have you almost hit someone when playing beach volleyball.” 

“I am sorry,” said Jillian, knowing that Master Hurtful Words was right. 

Jillian had almost hit Master Hurtful Words in the head the last time she played beach volleyball. 

“Did I call you an idiot or any other hurtful word?”  asked Master Hurtful Words. 

“No,” said Jillian, feeling bad for calling those kids idiots. “You didn’t and I know you never would, either. I am sorry and I shouldn’t have called those kids an idiot.”

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