Master Action Words – Chase

Master Action Words was in the basement cleaning up the toys he had been playing with that afternoon. It was a very hot summer day outside, so he thought he would hide out in the basement, where it was cooler. His cat, Mr. Whiskers, was there with him. Mr. Whiskers was acting a little strange. 
Master Action Words looked into the corner and he knew right away why Mr. Whiskers was acting so strange. There was a mouse staring right at him. 
“Mr. Whiskers,” said Master Action Words. “You are not going to chase that mouse.” 
“Chase is an action word,” said Mother, coming down to the basement to do laundry.
“Yes it is,” said Master Action Words, thinking about the action word, chase. 
The word chase is an action word because it involves performing an action which is to pursue or catch up with someone or something. In the case of Mr. Whiskers and the mouse, Master Action Words knows that given the chance, Mr. Whiskers would chase the mouse. 
“You take Mr. Whiskers upstairs,” said Mother. “And I will open the basement door and shoo the mouse out.” 
Master Action Words picked up Mr. Whiskers and took him upstairs. He put Mr. Whiskers down on the floor and Mr. Whiskers saw one of his toys on the floor and swatted it. The toy rolled down the hallway and Mr. Whiskers decided to chase it. 
“Now that is something you can chase,” said Mother, coming up the stairs. 

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