Summer Safety

I recently went on a fishing trip with Fawn and Spot in British Columbia, Canada. I remember it was a very hot day and I also remember the nice breeze off the lake, which helped cool us down. More importantly though, I can remember a couple of safety issues with phones board. They were not life threatening mind you, but they were safety issues.

“Hey Fawn,” I said as Fawn was getting his fishing tackle out of his tackle box. “How are you doing?”

“Hey Safety Kid,” said Fawn. “I’m good.”

Fawn kept fiddling around with his tackle and I could see that he was going to get a hook stuck in his hoof the way he was carrying on.

“Ouch!” cried Fawn, pulling his hoof with a hook stuck in it. I immediately got out some antiseptic for Fawn after he got the hook out and again he cried.

“Fawn,” I said. “You’ve got to be more careful.”

“I know,” said Fawn. “However my tackle box is so full that I can’t find anything that I need.”

“Why don’t you take a minute and sort it out,” I suggested.

“But I want to start fishing here soon,” said Fawn. “It is supposed to start raining soon.”

Fawn went off the dock and start fishing. I carried his tackle box over to the dock and started sorting it out while he fished. I found a lot of fishing line that was just tangled up and a lot of items that just had nothing to do with fishing so, with Fawn’s permission, we threw them away.

It took me only about an hour to straighten out the tackle box and when it was done Fawn could find what he wanted really easily.

“Thank you,” said Fawn, while getting out his favourite lure. “It is much easier this way.”

“You are welcome,” I said.

A few minutes later, Fawn had a nice sized trout on his line and in his excitement to reel it in, he kind of overstepped to the edge of the dock.

“Fawn,” I said. “You are too close to the edge of the dock. You are going to fall into the water.”

“No,” said Fawn. “I’m alright.”

I heard a big splash and saw Fawn’s head above the water. He was swimming quickly to shore.

“Now,” I said to Fawn, when he came back on the dock. “Maybe you shouldn’t get so close to the edge.”

“Yes,” said Fawn, trying to shake the excess water off. “You are right.”

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