Skinny Matilda

It was a warm summer day. Matilda had just woken up from being in a coma for two months.

“What is going on?” Matilda asked a nurse, who came into the room to check up on her. “Why am I in the hospital?”

“Oh my!” exclaimed the nurse. “You’re awake. Let me get your doctor.”

The nurse left the room and a few minutes later, Matilda’s doctor, Dr. Roberts, entered.

“Well young lady,” said Dr. Roberts. “You gave us quite a scare. You almost ate yourself to death. The next time you decide to go on one of those fad diets, consult with me first. Although, I don’t think you are going to have to worry about that for awhile.”

Dr. Roberts gently patted Matilda on the stomach. Matilda felt something very strange. She lifted up the blankets to find that she didn’t have a huge stomach anymore.

“We are going to have to call you Skinny Matilda from now on,” laughed Dr. Roberts.

Matilda was very happy. All her life she struggled with being overweight. She tried so many diets and not one of them ever worked.

“How did I lose all this weight?” asked Matilda.

“When you were brought in here,” explained Dr. Roberts. “Your friend, Harold, said you were at a wedding. He said you were very depressed and that you had eaten almost a whole three-tier wedding cake. We think your system just shut down after that and you continually lost weight. You have lost over 200 pounds.”

Matilda barely remembered that wedding. It was her best- friends wedding, Stella. She was supposed to be Stella’s maid-of-honour but Stella couldn’t find a dress to fit her so she had asked someone else to take her place. That angered Matilda so much that at the wedding she took a fork and gorged on the wedding cake. She remembered that she got violently sick afterwards.

“I vaguely remember that,” said Matilda.

“It is probably best you don’t remember it,” said Dr. Roberts.

Matilda was discharged from the hospital two days later and the first thing she did was buy a bikini. Then she went to the beach. She walked along the sandy shore of the beach with a new confidence because of her weight loss. She had never been able to wear a bikini up until now.

“Isn’t that Matilda?” asked Jessica, an old friend. “She has lost a lot of weight.”

Matilda could feel Jessica’s eyes staring at her as she walked. She went right up her and yelled at her.

“What are you staring at?” Matilda yelled.

“Matilda, you have lost so much weight,” said Jessica. “You are so skinny now.”

“Yes,” said Matilda. “I did. Now, stop staring at me and from now on, you can call me Skinny Matilda.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It isn’t good to gorge yourself.
  • Example: Matilda ate so much wedding cake at her friends wedding that she made herself very sick.
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