Summer in the Mountains

Hi everyone! I am Mountain Kid. I live in the beautiful province of British Columbia, Canada. I am going to tell you about the best season of all in the mountains, summer.

The beginning of summer in the mountains is the most beautiful time of the year. Everything is lush and you can see many shades of green as the grass grows thick and the pine needles and leaves grow on trees. Most of the trees that grow in the mountains are pine trees.

British Columbia relies on tourism for much of its income and it is no wonder why people come here for vacation. It is the most beautiful place in all of Canada. There are all kinds of activities that can be done in the summer. Hiking, fishing, mountain climbing, canoeing and wildlife viewing are to name just a few.

I think the most relaxing and enjoyable activity of all is canoeing. It is so peaceful getting into a canoe and paddling around one of the thousands of clear blue lakes that exist in BC. It is my favourite past time and I have seen a lot of wildlife on my many canoe adventures.

I could canoe for hours and hours at a time. I love to dip my paddle in the clear blue water of the lake and watch the ripples that are created by the paddle. I love just sitting still in the middle of the lake looking at my surroundings. Mountains surround the lake on all sides.

Sometimes I can see a bald eagle swoop down over the lake and then within a few seconds I could see a fish hanging from his claws on his swoop up. The eagle to me represents strength and freedom. The eagle is magical and mystical.

There is one drawback to summer in the mountains and that is summer can bring a lot of heat to the mountain regions and this may cause some problems. It can cause the grass to dry up and this makes it very dangerous for forest fires. A lot of forest fires take place in BC. One thing I have learned as a resident of BC is to not contribute to the risk of forest fires. For instance, if I have a camp fire I always make sure it is completely out before I leave the site.


Moral of this Story:

  • Summer is a beautiful time of the year in the mountains.
  • Example: Mountain Kid explains how summer is a beautiful season in the mountains.

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