Fawn and Spot Move to BC

“Hey,” said Fawn, all out of breath. “There’s a moving truck in the driveway!”

“A what!” explained Spot.

“A moving truck!” exclaimed Fawn.

“Who is moving?” asked Spot.

“We are,” said Mr. Hansen, coming into the barn. “We are moving to British Columbia!”

“Really,” said Spot and Fawn together.

“Yes,” said Mr. Hansen. “Mrs. Hansen has just gotten a really good job opportunity in BC!”

“Wow,” said Spot. “That is wonderful!”

“I’m going to be a real ranch cow now,” said Fawn.

“Yes, Fawn,” said Mr. Hansen. “You are going to be a real ranch cow, high in the mountains.”

“Mountains,” said Spot.

“We are going to be living right in the midst of the Rocky Mountains,” said Mr. Hansen. “It is going to be so good.”

“What about Jenny and Ricky?” asked Fawn. “Are they coming too?”

“Unfortunately not,” said Mr. Hansen, sadly. “They are old enough now to make their own decisions and they do not want to move right now.”

“So it is just going to be you, Mrs. Hansen and Fawn and I,” said Spot.

“That is true,” said Mr. Hansen.

“Well,” said Fawn. “Enough of all this talk, we got to get packed.”

“Yes,” said Spot. “We do.”

“The moving truck leaves first thing tomorrow morning,” said Mr. Hansen. “There’s not much room, so make sure you pack light.”

“Okay,” said Spot. “We’ll be ready.”

Fawn and Spot worked for hours that afternoon, packing and sorting things out. Everything that Fawn picked up, he wanted to keep.

“Mr. Hansen said that we had to pack lightly,” said Spot, seeing Fawn holding a picture of Ricky and Jenny.

“Well,” said Fawn. “I’m not leaving this behind.”

“Fawn,” said Spot, seeing him pack away a stereo system. “Now that is too big.”

“But,” said Fawn. “Ricky gave me that stereo.”

“I know,” said Spot. “Look why don’t you see if Ricky would like to have that stereo back. He’s going to need stuff for his new apartment.”

“Good idea,” said Fawn, taking a lot of his things and putting them into another box. “Maybe he could use all this stuff too.”

“I’m sure he could,” said Spot, glad that her friend was getting the hang of this packing thing.

Fawn and Spot were all packed and ready to go when Mr. Hansen came out to get them the next morning and each of them only had three boxes plus a duffle bag with them. Mr. Hansen was very pleased with them.

“Next stop, BC,” said Mr. Hansen getting into the moving truck.

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