In the Summer

“Gee it is so cold outside,” said Poor Mountain Brother, early one rainy summer morning.

“Yes,” said Poor Mountain Father, who just came in from outside. “It is cold.”

“I wish it were warm outside,” said Poor Mountain Brother. “Then I could go outside and play.”

“Me too,” said Poor Mountain Sister, who had just come into the kitchen. “I love playing outside but not in this weather.”

It wasn’t too long before the warm summer weather came to the mountains.

“How come you aren’t playing outside?” asked Poor Mountain Sister, when she walked by her brother’s bedroom and saw him sitting on the bed.

“How come you aren’t?” he asked his sister.

“I am on my way outside,” said Poor Mountain Sister.

“I just don’t feel like going outside,” said Poor Mountain Brother.

“But a few days ago you said if the weather turned warm you would go outside and play,” said Poor Mountain Sister. “This is probably one of the warmest days of the year.”

“Did I really say that?” asked Poor Mountain Brother.

“Yes you did,” said Poor Mountain Father, who happened to be in the hallway.

Poor Mountain Brother got up and went outside with Poor Mountain Sister. At first, he didn’t want to be outside but then his sister suggested that they play catch with their new baseball gloves they had gotten as passing presents. Poor Mountain Brother had a lot of fun outside and he was glad his sister and father persuaded him to go.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is nice to get outside in the warm weather.
  • Example: Poor Mountain Father and Poor Mountain Sister persuaded Poor Mountain Brother to go outside to play.

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