Arrow’s Outdoor Adventure

Arrow was at the basement door, crying his little heart out. He was very, very sad. For the past few days he has had to stay inside and he couldn’t figure out why Mommy wasn’t taking him outside anymore.

“Arrow,” said Mommy, picking him up in her arms. “Stop crying. It is way too hot outside for you.”

Arrow heard the word outside and he ran upstairs as fast as he could go and jumped on Mommy’s bed, looking at his harness that was on the dresser.

“Arrow,” said Mommy. “The temperature is over 30 degrees Celsius. It is just way too hot.”

Arrow sat on the bed and looked up at Mommy with the saddest look on his face.

“Oh Arrow,” said Mommy. “You make me feel so bad. You think I am keeping you indoors on purpose but I’m not. I am doing what is best for you.”

Arrow got down off the bed and went downstairs again to cry at the basement door. Eventually he did stop crying and laid down on the cool basement floor and fell asleep.

Just after dinner, Arrow heard the bell on his harness jingle. He bolted up the stairs as fast as he could. He jumped up on the bed where Mommy sat, holding the harness in her hand.

“You are such a silly little cat,” said Mommy smiling, as she put the harness on Arrow.

Once the harness was on, Arrow bolted back down the stairs, missing about half the stairs and stood at the door waiting for Mommy. Mommy picked up this leash off the staircase and snapped it into place with his harness.

“What a good boy,” said Mommy, opening up the basement door.

Arrow was so happy to get outside finally. He loved scratching at the trees and chasing bugs and he even tried to climb a tree. However, that was a little difficult because he had his leash on. That night, Arrow slept like a baby. He was very happy and content.

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