Vamp in the Sunshine

Vamp was sitting in the study of his castle when he thought he heard someone scream. He got up to look out the window. He could see a little girl standing behind a park bench and it looked like she was crying. Vamp also saw a frail, older man sitting on the bench. Just out of the corner of his eye, Vamp saw another man running as fast as he could.

Vamp noticed that the sun was shining bright outside. Vampires will die if they come in contact with direct sunlight so he threw on his cloak before heading out the door.

“What happened?” asked Vamp, approaching the little girl, who was crying.

“That man robbed my grandfather,” the little girl cried. “He stole Grandpa’s wallet.”

Vamp saw the man still running through the streets. He took off after the man as fast as he could go. Within a few minutes, Vamp caught up to the man. Even though Vamp was a vampire, he was a good vampire, so he did not attack the man.

“What do you want?” the man asked Vamp, pulling at Vamp’s cloak.

“I want you to return to me what you stole from that old man on the park bench,” said Vamp.

“I didn’t steal anything,” said the man.

“What is that I see sticking out of your pocket?” Vamp asked.

“My wallet,” said the man, looking at the object in his pocket.

“I see,” said Vamp. “Let me see what is inside it.”

“No,” said the man. “I did nothing wrong so I don’t see why I have to be interrogated. Who are you anyway?”

“I am a vampire,” said Vamp.

The man took a step backward and almost tripped onto the roadway.

“Vampires don’t exist,” said the man.

“That is where you are wrong because vampires do exist. I am one,” said Vamp. “However, I am not an evil vampire. I am a good one.”

“I see,” said the man, taking a real hard pull on Vamp’s cloak.

Immediately, Vamp felt the sunshine hit is face. He threw his hands up to his face to try to protect himself. He saw the man standing at the street corner, trying to blend in with the pedestrians that were on the corner. Vamp saw his cloak in the man’s arms.

Vamp yanked his cloak from the man and threw it back over his head. Immediately, Vamp felt much better. He ran after the man, who was halfway up the street now. Vamp did notice that the man had dropped something and he found it was the grandfather’s wallet that he had dropped. Vamp picked it up and took it back to the little girl and the grandfather.

“Thank you,” said the little girl.

The grandfather nodded and smiled at Vamp.

“My Grandfather is very happy,” said the little girl. “He hasn’t smiled since my Grandma passed away.”

“I am very glad I was able to help him out,” said Vamp.

Vamp pulled his cloak further over his head and started to walk away.

“You are a vampire aren’t you,” he heard the little girl say behind him.

“Yes,” said Vamp, to the little girl, who stood behind him. “I am a vampire.”

“I thought vampires were bad,” said the little girl.

“Not all vampires are bad,” said Vamp. “I am a good vampire.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is always good to help out other people.
  • Example: Vamp helped a young girl and her grandfather, who was robbed.

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