Sweet Summer Cherry Pie

Billy Troll was in his music recording studio writing a song for his upcoming concert. He couldn’t concentrate because Dianne was in the kitchen baking her famous cherry pie. 
“I sure hope I am going to get a piece of that pie,” said Billy, when Dianne came in to check in on him. “The smell of that pie is driving me crazy. I can’t concentrate. All I can think of is that cherry pie.” 
“I am making two of them,” said Dianne. “You will get a piece. Don’t you worry.” 
“Sweet summer cherry pie,” sang Billy. “You are the apple of my eye. Sweet summer cherry pie, better than corned beef on rye.” 
 “Oh Billy,” laughed Dianne. “That is so cute. I love it.” 
“Seriosuly,” said Billy. “I was just joking around.” 
“You should finish it,” said Dianne. “It is a pretty catchy tune.” 
“Little do we know what’s in store for us,” sang Billy. “Little do we say except when we cuss.” 
Billy laid his guitar down and grabbed Dianne by the arm, dancing with her. 
“Let’s dance until we drop, let’s party the night away,” sang Billy. “Dance, dance, dance. I want you to stay.” 
“Oh Billy,” said Dianne, letting Billy twirl her around. “I think you’ve got a hit.” 
“Sweet summer cherry pie,” sang Billy. “You remind me of days gone by. Sweet summer cherry pie. Never, ever will you lie.” 
Dianne had so much fun dancing with Billy that she almost forgot about the pies she had in the oven. 
“Speaking of sweet summer cherry pie,” said Dianne running into the kitchen. “I almost forgot I have them in the oven.” 
Dianne took the pies out of the oven. Thankfully they were both okay. Once they were cooled down, she took a huge slice of cherry pie to Billy. 
“Sweet summer cherry pie,” sang Billy, as he ate. “You are the apple of my eye. Sweet summer cherry pie, better than corned beef on rye.” 
“Well,” said Dianne, once Billy had finished eating. “How was your sweet summer cherry pie?” 
“Are you going to sing your new song at the concert tonight?” asked Dianne. 
“I hadn’t really thought about it,” said Billy. 
“You should,” said Dianne. “It has a real catchy tune.” 
“I will sing it,” said Billy. “On one condition.” 
“You want another piece of sweet summer cherry pie?” asked Dianne. 
“Sure,” said Billy. “But that wasn’t the condition.” 
“I want you to get up on stage and dance with me,” said Billy. 
“Oh I would love to,” said Dianne. 
Billy sang his new song at the concert that night and Dianne got on stage and danced with him. The crowd loved it and after the concert, Billy and Dianne heard several people singing it. 
“It sure caught on fast,” said Billy. 
“It sure did,” said Dianne, giving Billy a kiss. “It is a good song.”

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