Blue Jay

Chester Chipmunk was walking through the forest one warm summer day. The forest floor was still damp from the rain that fell that morning.

Chester noticed a rather large acorn just up ahead. He scurried along to claim it before anyone else could.

He was just about to pick it up when a large bird flew over top of Chester, bent down and scooped the acorn up in his beak and flew away, landing in a nearby tree.

“How come you took my acorn?” asked Chester angrily.

“Gee, I don’t remember seeing your name on it,” said the bird.

“I didn’t have my name on it,” said Chester.

“Well then, I guess it isn’t yours, then is it?” asked the bird.

“I guess not,” said Chester.

Even though the bird was being mean, Chester couldn’t help but stare at the bird. He was a very beautiful bird. He was blue, white and black with a very distinctive crown at the top of his head.

“Why are you staring at me?” asked the bird.

“Did you know that you are actually a very pretty bird,” said Chester. ”What kind of bird are you?”

”I’m a blue jay,” said the bird. “And you really think that I am pretty.”

“Yes,” said Chester. “I really do.”

“Why, thank you,” said the Blue Jay. “Wait a minute! You’re not just saying that to get this acorn from me, are you?”

“No,” said Chester. “Not at all. You are very pretty. Just one thing, though, why are you so mean.”

“I didn’t know that I was mean,” said Blue Jay.

“Well you act like you own the forest,” said Chester. “Nobody owns the forest.”

“The king owns the forest,” said Blue Jay.

“This forest doesn’t have a king,” said Chester.

“Yes it does,” said Blue Jay.

“Alright,” said Chester. “Who is the king of this forest?”

“I am,” said Blue Jay.

“You are a king,” said Chester.

“Yes,” said Blue Jay. “I am.”

“I’m so sorry Your Majesty,” said Chester, getting down on his knees. “I didn’t know that you were the king.”

“It’s okay,” said Blue Jay. “Only a very few people know I’m the king.”

“Well,” said Chester. “Your secret is safe with me.”

“Thank you,” said Blue Jay. “I appreciate that. I just like to be by myself. If everyone knew I was king, I’d never be left alone.”

“I understand,” said Chester.

“You know something,” said Blue Jay. “I don’t really like acorns. You can have this one.”

“Thank you,” said Chester. “Thank you very much!”

Chester took the acorn home with him and stored it with all of his others. Chester was very thankful to Blue Jay and never once told anyone about Blue Jay being the king of the forest. Chester had seen Blue Jay several times after that and the two would always spend time talking with each other about all kinds of things. The two became quite good friends.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to make new friends.
  • Example: Chester Chipmunk made a new friend when he met Blue Jay.
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