Poor Mountain Family’s Summer Vacation

“Well summer vacation is almost here,” said Poor Mountain Father.

“Yes,” said Poor Mountain Sister. “I’ll be glad when it gets here.”

“Why?” asked Poor Mountain Mother.

“Oh,” said Poor Mountain Brother. “The kids at school are teasing Poor Mountain Sister because they have so much money and they are all talking about going away for their summer vacations to Paris and Rome.”

“Well that is nice,” said Poor Mountain Father. “But they won’t get the kind of summer vacation you are going to have!”

“What are you talking about?” asked Poor Mountain Sister.

“Go outside and take a look in the barn,” said Poor Mountain Father, winking to Poor Mountain Mother.

Poor Mountain Sister and Poor Mountain Brother put on their boots and headed out to the barn. The barn was kind of rackety and they had to watch their every step. Poor Mountain Sister went to turn the light on to the barn and when she did, she was shocked to see a young colt sticking his head up out of the stall.

“What is this?” asked Poor Mountain Sister.

“It looks like a colt,” said Poor Mountain Brother.

“Oh it is a colt alright,” said Poor Mountain Father, standing right behind them. “And, he’s our little colt!”

“He is!” exclaimed Poor Mountain Sister and Brother, together.

“Yes,” said Poor Mountain Father. “He’s ours!”

Poor Mountain Sister went inside the stall and wrapped her arms around the little colt’s neck.

“He’s beautiful!” exclaimed Poor Mountain Sister.

“What does the little colt have to do with our summer vacation?” asked Poor Mountain Brother.

“Well,” said Poor Mountain Father, reaching into the stall to pet the little colt. “This little colt is going to be a racing horse and we are going to enter him into the rodeos this summer!”

“So,” said Poor Mountain Sister. “This little guy is our ticket to going to the rodeos!”

“That is correct,” said Poor Mountain Father. “I know how much you two children want to go to travel to the rodeos in BC and what better way then to get your wish. You two got a lot of work to do to get this little guy ready in time.”

“Oh!” exclaimed Poor Mountain Sister and Poor Mountain Brother. “We will work hard, don’t you worry!”

“Oh I’m not worried,” said Poor Mountain Father, grinning. “I know you two can do it.”

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