Cactus Water

It was very hot in the desert in the middle of summer. The air was dry and tumble weed blew in the wind.

“It is a very hot summer was are having this year,” said Desert Kid.

“It sure is,” agreed Desert Kid’s father. “This is way too hot even for the desert.”

“The only thing that seems to be thriving in this heat are the cactus,” said Desert Kid.

Desert Kid looked around him and all he could see for miles were cactus plants.

“If you ever get stuck in the desert,” said Father. “Always remember that you can survive on cactus water.”

“How do I get cactus water?” asked Desert Kid.

“You take a machete and cut the top off the cactus plant,” explained Father. “Inside the cactus you will find some pulp. You can chew on the pulp to get the water out of it. Make sure you do not swallow the pulp though. The pulp is not good for you.”

Desert Kid’s father went into the garage and motioned for Desert Kid to follow him. He handed Desert Kid a machete that was enclosed in a leather pouch.

“What is this?” asked Desert Kid.

“Well,” said Father. “You are now 13 years old and I think you are old enough to have your own machete.”

“Thank you,” said Desert Kid, carefully taking the machete out of the leather pouch and admiring it.

“Whenever you leave the house,” said Father. “Always make sure you carry it with you. It will help you survive in this desert.”

“Yes Father,” said Desert Kid.

The next day, Desert Kid got up very early and went for a walk. He had his machete with him. He walked further and further away from home and deeper and deeper into the desert. The deeper into the desert he went, the hotter it became.

“I need water,” said Desert Kid, his lips dried out from the hot sun.

Desert Kid looked around and he did not see any source of water anywhere. However, he did see lots of cactus plants.

Desert Kid carefully took out his machete and hacked at the top of one of the cactus plants. It took him a couple of tries but he was able to cut the top off one. He dug into the cactus and pulled out a large chunk of pulp. He took a large bite and chewed it, swallowing only the juice. He spit out the pulp and took another bite.

Desert Kid was able to get enough liquid into himself to keep hydrated. After a few hours, he returned home.

“How did the machete work for you?” asked Father.

“It worked great,” said Desert Kid. “I was able to get enough cactus water to keep hydrated.”

“Good boy,” said Father. “I am very proud of you. It is not easy to survive in the desert.”

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