“E” is for Eagle

Alphabet Allie was taking an early evening walk with her friend, Edward.

“‘E’ is for early and for evening,” said Allie.

“Yes it is,” said Edward. “Look to the east. There is an eagle flying around.”

“‘E’ is for east and for eagle,” said Allie, looking to the east and seeing the eagle soaring through the sky. He looks pretty eager to be going somewhere.”

“‘E’ is for eager,” said Edward. “I think he is eyeing a mouse over in the field at the edge of the road.”

“‘E’ is for eyeing and edge,” said Allie. “I think you are right. He makes flying look so easy.”

“‘E’ is for easy,” said Edward. “That eagle does make it look so easy. Let’s go watch him closer.”

Allie and Edward walked through the earthy field and watched the eagle. The eagle landed on a fence post.

“‘E’ is for earthy,” said Allie.

“‘E’ is for earthworm,” said Edward. “I think the eagle is watching an earthworm.”

“Yes,” said Allie. “‘E’ is for eat and that eagle is going to eat that earthworm.”

“‘E’ is for eww,” laughed Edward. “Eww, that earthworm would not taste good.”

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