“H” is for Heat

“I am feeling the heat today,” said Alphabet Allie to her friend, Hailey. “‘H’ is for heat.”

“Yes,” said Hailey. “It sure is hot. ‘H’ is for hot.”

“Hot days are good days for hamburgers,” said Alphabet Allie. “‘H’ is for hamburgers.”

 “I love hamburgers,” said Hailey. “They taste so good. Now I am happy. ‘H’ is for happy.”

“When I am happy,” said Alphabet Allie. “I like to hop around. “‘H’ is for hop.”

“Me too,” said Hailey, also hopping around. “‘H’ is for hopping.”

“Come help me make some hamburgers,” said Alphabet Allie, once she finished hopping. “‘H’ is for help.”

Hailey helped Alphabet Allie make some hamburgers and then the two ate them. They both enjoyed their hamburgers.


Moral of this Story:

  • Hamburgers are good to eat on a hot day.
  • Example: Alphabet Allie and Hailey loved eating their hamburgers.

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