Country Cousins

Once upon a time, there lived three little girls. These three little girls lived in the city. Their names were Becky, Bonnie and Barbara.

Becky, Bonnie and Barbara were very happy with their lives in the city. They had many friends to play with and they loved the neighbourhood they lived in.

There were so many things the three could do with their spare time. They could play in the park. They could go swimming and in the winter they could go skating.

As much as they enjoyed the city life, Becky, Bonnie and Barbara still missed one thing. They all missed their two little cousins that lived in country.

Ryan and Janet lived on a farm in the country. Becky, Bonnie and Barbara loved to visit their country cousins as much as they could.

One Friday afternoon, the three girls came home from school. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining bright and the sky was clear blue.

“What would you girls say if we drove up to the country to see your cousins Ryan and Janet?” the girls’ mother asked.

“Oh could we!” the girls shouted. “We could have so much fun!”

“Your Aunt called me this morning,” said Mother. “They have a surprise that they want us to see.”

“Oh,” said Becky. “I bet it’s some baby ducklings.”

“Well,” said Mother. “You’ll see the surprise when we get there.”

The girls helped Mother pack their belongings into the car and they were off to the country. Three hours later, they pulled into the driveway of their cousin’s house.

Ryan and Janet were ecstatic when they saw their city cousins pull up. They helped their Aunt unpack the car.

“Hee! Haw!” came a strange loud noise from the barn! “Hee! Haw!”

“What’s that?” asked the girls.

Ryan and Janet led the way to the barn and inside one of the stalls was a baby donkey.

“Oh!” exclaimed the girls. “He is so cute!”

The girls had a wonderful time petting the baby donkey and visiting with their country-cousins, as a matter-of-fact, they had so much fun that when it was time to leave, they were really sad to be going.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is always nice to visit our country cousins.
  • Example: Becky, Bonnie and Barbara had a lot of fun visiting their cousins, who lived in the country.

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