Canadian Summer

Welcome to my story about a Canadian summer. This is Mountain Kid. I live in the mountains in British Columbia, Canada. A lot of people think that British Columbia only comes alive in the winter time because of the ski season. Skiing is a big thing in BC however, so is fishing and hiking.

During the summer months, I love to hike into the mountains. I love going right to the very top and just looking over the edge. I get such a rush looking down and seeing the river below look like a little dotted line and full size cars looking smaller than toy cars. I’ve been right to the top of the mountain, right where the cloud meets the sky and a few times I have even been up higher than the clouds.

There is nothing like waking up early, and I mean early in the morning and going fishing. My favourite spot to fish is the Columbia River which is in the Kootenay district. The Columbia River is so clear you can see right to the bottom of it and the water is a beautiful blue colour, not deep blue but like a light greyish blue. A lot of fly-fishing is done on the Columbia River. That way you can get right out into the river and fish. Some big fish have been caught in the Columbia River, too. It is awesome fishing in BC.

Summer in the mountains is my favourite time of the year. In some parts of BC it can get as hot as 40 degrees Celsius, which is over 100 degrees F. There is a section of BC called the Okanagan Valley and that is Canada’s only desert area. That is the hottest place in Canada during the summer months.


Moral of this Story:

  • A Canadian summer in the mountains of BC is beautiful.
  • Example: Mountain Kid enjoys his life in the mountains of BC.

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