Summer Festival

“Billy, Billy!” screamed Dianne Troll, excitedly, waving the latest edition of the Troll Town newspaper in her arms. ”Come here, you’ve got to see this!”

“If you are talking about the Troll Town Summer Festival,” said Billy Troll. “I already know about and I’m busy that weekend.”

“So, you are going to miss out on the biggest event happening in Troll Town in years!” exclaimed Dianne. “What could be so important that would make you miss this.”

“Just my wedding day,” said Billy.

“What are you talking about?” asked Dianne.

“I’d like July 14 to be our wedding day,” said Billy, happily.

“Billy, that doesn’t give us much time,” said Dianne.

“A little over two months,” said Billy.

“Billy, I just had a wonderful idea,” said Dianne. “Why don’t we have our wedding at the Summer Festival?”

“You know,” said Billy, pausing, for a second, to think about what Dianne had just said . “That is a great idea.”

“That way all our fans from all over the world can be there for our special day,” said Dianne.

”Okay,” said Billy. “Let’s do it.”

“Okay,” said Dianne, excitedly. “This will be the best wedding Troll Town has ever seen.”

“Let’s keep it a surprise,” said Billy.

“Yes,” said Dianne. “Let’s!”

Billy and Dianne spent the next few weeks preparing for their surprise wedding. Dianne had gone to a nearby city to buy her wedding dress. Absolutely nobody in Troll Town knew of Billy and Dianne’s secret.

The weekend of the Troll Town Summer Festival finally rolled around. Mayor Troll officiated the Festival’s ribbon cutting ceremony.

“And, now,” announced Mayor Troll. “I’d like to introduce Troll Town’s own Billy Troll!”

Billy came out onto the stage, dressed in a tuxedo. He played his new hit single, “For the Love You Give Me”.

“Let’s have a round of applause for that beautiful love song,” said Mayor Troll.

“Mayor Troll, I have a favour to ask you?” asked Billy, nervously into the microphone. “I would like to know if you would officiate my marriage to Dianne Troll.”

“Why sure!” exclaimed Mayor Troll. “I’d be honoured to. You just name the date and the place and I’ll be there.”

“Okay,” said Dianne, coming onto the stage in her white satin wedding dress. “How about right now?”

“Well sure,” said Mayor Troll. “But there are a few things you are going to need, first.”

“I have taken care of everything,” said Billy, taking a marriage license and wedding rings out of his pocket and handing them to the Mayor.

“Oh my!” exclaimed a fan sitting in the audience. “Billy Troll is getting married, right here and now! This is so exciting!”

“Everything seems to be in order,” said Mayor Troll, after carefully examining the marriage license. “Now all you need is a best man and maid-of-honour.”

Both Billy and Dianne went out into the audience and picked two of their most adoring fans, Billy’s brother, Kevin and Dianne’s sister, Lisa.

Billy and Dianne were married that day at the Troll Town Summer Festival in front of all their family, friends and fans. Their wedding was the most talked about event in the history of Troll Town.

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