August in the Mountains

Hello everyone! This is Mountain Kid from British Columbia, Canada. It is the month of August here now and it is very hot.

August is the time of year that we folks in the mountains get out and enjoy the hot weather and fresh mountain air. August is the time of year that a lot of outdoor activities take place.

I like to spend my August days at the lake. I like to go fishing a lot. It is very relaxing to be out in the middle of the lake on a hot day in a boat. There is nothing like it.

I usually go fishing at the crack of dawn, just before the sun comes up. I usually see a bald eagle soar in the sky, a couple of deer standing by the waters edge and a loon or two skitting across the top of the water.

One August day, the temperature was 39° Celsius and that was hot. I got into my boat and drove around the lake. I found a small sandy cove and decided that I was going to go for a refreshing dip. The water was so warm but not as warm as the air so it did feel refreshing.

Another hot August day, I decided to go on a picnic. I brought a picnic lunch out in the boat and I spent the whole day on the lake. I caught quite a few fish that day too.

I love August in the mountains. It seems like there is so much a person can do. It is definitely not boring being in the mountains in the month of August.


Moral of this Story:

  • August is a good month to be outside and enjoy the mountains.
  • Example: Mountain Kid loves to go fishing during the month of August.

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