Master Action Words – Throw

Master Action Words was playing in the backyard. It was a warm summer day. It was a good day to play ball. He noticed his friend, Billy, was outside in his backyard as well.

“Billy,” said Master Action Words. “Do you want to play ball?”

“Yes,” said Billy. “I do.”

Master Action Words went into the house and got his ball. He went outside and Billy was waiting for him.

“Throw the ball to me,” said Billy.

“Throw is an action word,” said Master Action Words.

“Yes,” said Billy. “It is.”

Master Action Words thought about the action word throw. The word throw is an action word because it involves performing an action, which is to toss something. In the case of playing the game of throwing the ball, Master Action Words will throw that ball to Billy and Billy will throw the ball back to Master Action Words.

“This is fun,” said Master Action Words.

“It is,” said Billy.

Master Action Words and Billy played a little bit longer and then Billy had to go home. Master Action Words decided he would take a walk over to the river.

The summer sun was warm on his back as he walked along the river bank. He was enjoying his walk. That was until he heard someone screaming for help. Master Action Words turned toward the river and he saw a young boy floating down the river.

“Help!” yelled the young boy.

Master Action Words saw an old piece of rope laying on the ground. He picked it up.

“Throw the rope,” yelled the young boy. “Hurry!”

Master Action Words threw one end of the rope to the young boy. The young boy was able to catch it. Master Action Words pulled the young boy to shore.

“Thank you,” said the young boy. “You saved my life.”

“The action word throw saved your life,” said Master Action Words.

“Yes,” said the young boy. “It certainly did.”

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