Missy Opposite – Opposite of New is Old

Missy Opposite was going through her closet. She was trying to find a nice dress to wear because she was going on a picnic to celebrate her grandmother’s birthday. Mother came upstairs to help her.

“It is time to buy you a new dress,” said Mother. “All your dresses are pretty old.”

“I just learned a new opposite,” said Missy Opposite. “The opposite of new is old.”

“That is correct,” said Mother. “You are so smart.”

Mother took Missy Opposite to the mall to shop for a new dress.

“This pretty green dress is nice and summery,” said Mother. “Do you like it?”

“I do,” said Missy Opposite.

“Go try it on,” said Mother.

Missy Opposite took the dress and went into the dressing room. She tried the dress on and looked in the mirror. She loved the dress. She thought it looked beautiful on her.

“I love it!” exclaimed Missy Opposite, showing Mother how nice it looked on her.

“I do too,” said Mother.

Mother looked down at Missy Opposite’s shoes. Missy Opposite did too. Her shoes were all scuffed up.

“These shoes are really old,” said Mother.

“Yes,” said Missy Opposite. “I will probably need a new pair.”

“Not probably,” said Mother. “You definitely need a new pair.”

“I learned a lot about the opposites new and old,” said Missy Opposite.

“So did I,” laughed Mother, paying for Missy Opposite’s new dress and new shoes. “A very expensive lesson.”

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