Chester’s Picnic

”Hey Chester,” said his sister, Suzie. ”Wait up!”

Chester stopped walking to let Suzie catch up to him.

”What’s up?” asked Chester, as Suzie approached him.

”The animals in the forest are going to have a picnic, this Saturday,” said Suzie, all out of breath. ”They want to know if you would like to come.”

”I’ve never been to a picnic,” said Chester. ”What is a picnic?”

”Well,” said Suzie. ”Picnics are fun. You bring an old blanket and a basket of food. You can play games or go swimming.”

”That sounds like fun,” said Chester.

”So then you’ll come,” said Suzie.

”Sure,” said Chester. ”I’d love to come.”

Chester spent the rest of the week getting ready for the picnic. He made a loaf of his favourite bread, acorn loaf, and he made a jug of his favourite juice, acorn juice. Suzie made some acorn jam and a fresh acorn pie, topped with whipped cream.

Saturday finally came around. Chester went to Suzie’s house early that morning. Suzie was sleeping.

“Come on, Suzie,” said Chester, impatiently. ”The picnic is today!”

”Chester the picnic isn’t until 11:00,” said Suzie, yawning as she came out into the kitchen. ”It’s only 7:30.”

”Oh,” said Chester. ”What will I do until 11:00?”

”Well,” said Suzie. ”You could always go to the park and see if they need any help setting up.”

”That’s a great idea,” said Chester. ”I think I will do that!”

Chester went to the park. There was nobody there yet. Chester found a nice big oak tree and decided that he would take a nap, just until someone got there.

Chester fell into a deep sleep. He was very tired. After all, he was awake since 6:00 that morning.

”Hello,” said Suzie to Tony Turtle, arriving at the park about quarter to eleven. ”Where is Chester? Is he still helping you?”

”Helping me,” said Tony. “Suzie, I haven’t seen Chester all morning.”

”You haven’t,” said Suzie. “He came to my place at 7:30 this morning. I told him to come down here and see if he could help you setup.”

”Well,” said Tony. ”We could have used his help but, I’ve been here since 8:30 and I haven’t seen him.”

”Oh, what will I do,” cried Suzie. ”If something terrible has happened to Chester, I could never forgive myself.”

“Now, now,” said Tony. “There must be a good explanation for this. Chester isn’t the kind to just run off.”

”That is true,” said Suzie.

”What’s the matter, Suzie?” a familiar and lovable voice said.

“Oh Chester!” exclaimed Suzie, hugging her brother tightly. ”I’m so glad to see you.”

”I fell asleep,” said Chester. ”I guess that will teach me for getting up so early.”

”Yes,” said Suzie. ”It will! You are lucky you didn’t sleep through the picnic.”

”I wouldn’t have missed this picnic for the world,” said Chester.

Chester and Suzie had a wonderful time at the picnic. Chester went swimming and even won a few games.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to be early but not so early that you end up falling asleep.
  • Example: Chester Chipmunk got up way too early on the morning of the picnic and he ended up falling asleep. He almost slept through the picnic.

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