Neon Cop and Summer Fun

“It is warm today,” said Neon Cop to his wife, Suzie. “How about I take Jenny to the beach?”

“That would be wonderful,” said Suzie. “I have to work today.”

Neon Cop took his step-daughter, Jenny, to the beach. Jenny was playing in the sand. She looked up and saw a man chasing after a little girl.

“Leave me alone,” screamed the little girl. “I will tell my Mommy on you.”

“Neon Cop,” said Jenny, pointing to the man and the little girl. “That man is chasing that little girl.”

“Not for long,” said Neon Cop, running after the man.

Neon Cop found out the man was trying to kidnap the little girl. Jenny played on the beach with the little girl until her parents came to pick her up. Neon Cop stayed with the man until backup came to take him to the police station to be arrested.

“So much for a relaxing day off at the beach,” laughed Neon Cop. “Let’s go for some ice cream.”

“Good idea,” said Jenny.

“I definitely think you deserve it,” said Neon Cop. “You just saved that little girls life.”

“You helped too,” said Jenny.

“You still did an amazing job,” said Neon Cop.

“Thank you,” said Jenny.

“I am very proud of you,” said Neon Cop.

The parents of the little girl were very proud of Jenny for her help in saving their daughter from being kidnapped. They recommended to the police that Jenny be given a medal for her bravery. Jenny wore her medal of bravery with pride and honour.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to tell an adult if you see something suspicious.
  • Example: Jenny saw a man chasing a little girl. It turned out the man was trying to kidnap her.
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