Scary Dream – Skinny Matilda

Skinny Matilda had a scary dream. In the dream, she was trying on a new purple striped bikini that she wanted to buy. However, the dream scared her because when she looked in the mirror, she saw that she was overweight.

At one time, Skinny Matilda was overweight. However, after gorging herself to almost death, she lost over 200 pounds. Skinny Matilda vowed to herself that she would never be overweight ever again.

“Come on!” screamed Skinny Matilda to herself in her scary dream. “I can’t be overweight. I lost all that weight in the hospital. I am skinny now!”

Skinny Matilda didn’t want to, but she knew she would have to look in the mirror once more, just to make sure she wasn’t overweight. She closed her eyes, counted to ten, took a deep breath before each count and then quickly opened her eyes. Skinny Matilda looked at herself in the mirror. She saw that she was a little bit skinnier but not enough.

“I know I am skinnier than that,” said Skinny Matilda. “I must be having a scary dream.”

Skinny Matilda was just about to look in the mirror one more time. However, that was when she woke up. The very first thing she did was look down at herself.

“I am skinny,” said Skinny Matilda, relieved. “That was just a scary dream that I was having.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Dreams are just dreams.
  • Example: Skinny Matilda had a scary dream about being overweight.

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