Neon Cop and the Sand Castle

Neon Cop was walking along the beach. He saw a sand castle in the sand with a green pail and blue shovel standing beside it. There didn’t appear to be anyone there and that was concerning to him.

Neon Cop looked around the beach. He didn’t see anyone there either. He happened to look out toward the water and he saw a boy swimming quite a ways out. The boy seemed to be in distress.

“Hold on,” called out Neon Cop. “I will save you.”

Neon Cop saw a life ring sitting on the beach. He grabbed it and threw it out to the boy.

“Grab the ring and put it around you,” said Neon Cop.

It took a few tosses but finally the boy caught the ring. Neon Cop was able to pull the boy ashore.

“Thank you,” said the boy, once he caught his breath. “You just saved my life.”

“Please be more careful when you are swimming,” said Neon Cop. “It can be very dangerous out there.”

“I will,” said the boy, walking over to where the sand castle was, picking up the green pail and blue shovel.

“At least I know who built the sand castle,” said Neon Cop to himself when the boy left. “Another mystery solved.”


Moral of this Story:

  • If something looks or feels strange, it probably is.
  • Example: Neon Cop thought it was strange that there was a sand castle, a pail and a shovel on the beach but nobody was there with it.

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