Last Days of Summer

Summer comes and goes and unfortunately it seems to go quicker than it comes. Here we are already in the last few days of summer. I don’t really consider the month of September to be summer. It seems to me that as soon as the first of September rolls around, autumn is here.

The last days of summer are a little depressing because you know in your heart that the best weather has already passed by you. You know that you have only one thing to look forward to and it is approaching very quickly and that one thing is, winter.

In the last days of summer, the days seem to get a little shorter. It seems that it gets dark earlier and the weather even seems to be a bit cooler. No more hot, hot days of summer.

It seems the last days of summer rush by us very quickly. We seem to be busy preparing for autumn activities such as cleaning up our yards and getting our kids ready for another school year. There are a lot of things that we do in order to prepare for winter too. It seems that winter runs our thoughts right from the first of September until it is over which could be late April or early May.

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