Favourite Colour

Hi everyone! I’m the Colour Kid. I love colours, obviously. Colours can be warm and cool. It depends on the shade of them. You can have a really light blue colour that can be cool as the ocean waters or you can have a dark blue that is as warm as your favourite pair of blue jeans.

I think my favourite colour in the whole wide world is blue. Blue is the colour of the sky and it is the colour of water. I love it when I wake up in the morning and go outside on my front porch and see the colour of the bluest sky. It just seems to make my day.

I have seen the bluest water while travelling through the glaciers in Alberta, Canada. Never have I seen water that blue. It is like you just want to stare at it forever. Once you see blue glacier water you will never, ever forget just how blue it is.

Blue is also my favourite colour because it is the colour of jeans and jeans are my favourite pants to wear. There is nothing like have a faded pair of blue jeans that are so light blue in colour that they are almost white. I love wearing my blue jeans.

If I had my way, everything I own would be some shade of blue and I am very lucky because even my dog has the bluest eyes ever. My dogs name is Ice and the reason for that is that his eyes are the iciest blue colour I have ever seen.

Dark blue colours I really don’t like much. Dark blue is more along either a purple or a black colour and I don’t really like either of those colours. Dark blue is kind of a depressing colour because of the darkness. I’d much rather have blue colours as light as possible.

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