Jen-Jen’s Hot and Dry Summer Garden

“Here I am in the garden once again,” said Jen-Jen. “My poor flowers need constant watering. I am spending every waking minute here, not that I mind spending time here. However I would rather enjoy my garden.”

It was a hot and dry summer. Jen-Jen’s flower garden was her world. She spent hours and hours tending to it. However, this past summer all she seemed to be doing was watering it.

“Maybe I could make an automatic irrigation system,” thought Jen-Jen. “That way I can spend more time enjoying my garden, not working in it day in and day out.”

That evening, Jen-Jen did some research on the internet and the next day after work, she stopped by the hardware store and picked up the supplies she needed. On her two days off work, she built her automatic irrigation system.

“This is amazing,” said Jen-Jen sitting in her garden. “I can enjoy all my hard work now.”

Jen-Jen spent a lot of time in her garden, especially on the very hot days. It was nice that she could just sit back and relax, letting her automatic irrigation system do all the watering for her.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is okay to try to make things easier for yourself.
  • Example: Jen-Jen spent more time watering her garden then she did enjoying it so she decided to make an automatic irrigation system.

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