Lovable Viking and the Bad Storm

Bad Storm …

Lovable Viking walked onto the dock he had built at the ocean shore. He saw his ship was in the harbour. It was recently all scrubbed down by his crew and it looked clean and shiny.

“The ocean water is calm and peaceful,” said Lovable Viking to himself. “I think it is time to set sail for another raid. My crew, Benjamin and Franklin will be thrilled. They have been bugging me to go on a raid for quite some time now. I must go tell them to get ready and the rest of the crew too.”

Lovable Viking turned on the dock to head back to his village of Tara. However, before he could take another step, the water started to get rough and some grey clouds rolled in. Within seconds the waves were getting bigger. The clouds were getting thicker. At one point, Lovable Viking’s ship disappeared in the clouds for a few seconds.

Lovable Viking stood mesmerized on the dock. He didn’t dare to move. He was afraid of how fast and furious this storm was coming In.

“I have seen storms,” said Lovable Viking. “But nothing like this.”

Soon, the waves were ten to twenty feet tall. Lovable Viking could see his ship rolling around in the water. The clouds were now thick and dark.

A few seconds later, the waves turned to whitecaps. The ocean looked ominous.

Lovable Viking decided it was not a good day for a raid after all. He quickly went home and gathered his family and friends and made sure they were safe as he watched the storm develop.


Moral of this Story:

  • Storms can roll in very quickly.
  • Example: Lovable Viking saw a bad storm roll in within minutes.

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