Hillbilly Bob’s Summer Vacation

“What are you up to this summer?” asked Hillbilly Bob’s best-friend, Pete.

“Well not too much yet,” said Hillbilly Bob.

“What do you mean?” asked Pete.

“I’m planning on doing some traveling,” said Hillbilly Bob.

“All by yourself?” asked Pete. “That seems a little dangerous.”

“Maybe,” said Hillbilly Bob. “But I got nobody else to go with.”

“I’ll go with you,” said Pete. “I got two weeks vacation coming to me from the gas station.”

“Hey,” said Hillbilly Bob. “Okay, that sounds like fun.”

A few days later, Hillbilly Bob and Pete hopped in Hillbilly Bob’s pickup truck and away they drove. Hillbilly Bob’s mother was crying at the doorway and Hillbilly Bob’s father was telling his mother to stop crying and that their little boy is old enough to go on vacation.

Hillbilly Bob and Pete drove out of the driveway, waving and smiling.

“Hey,” said Pete, a few feet away. “I forgot to ask where we were going to go on our vacation.”

“Well,” said Hillbilly Bob. “To tell you the honest truth, I haven’t even thought about it.”

“How can we go on vacation if we don’t even know where we are going?” asked Pete.

“Gee,” said Hillbilly Bob. “I really don’t know. Is there anywhere special that you would like to go to?”

“No,” said Pete. “Not really. What about you?”

“No,” said Hillbilly Bob. “I really can’t think of anywhere to go either.”

“Okay,” said Pete. “I got an idea. Let’s go get an ice-cream cone and see if we can think of something while we eat it.”

“Good idea,” said Hillbilly Bob.

Hillbilly Bob and Pete ordered a double scoop ice-cream cone each but when they were finished with it they still couldn’t figure out where they wanted to go on their vacation.

“I got an idea,” said Hillbilly Bob. “Why don’t we just stay home for our vacation? I got lots of work around the farm to do anyway.”

“Good idea,” said Pete. “I got things that I could be doing at home too.”

“So how was your vacation?” Hillbilly Bob asked Pete two weeks later when he saw him at the gas station.

“It was good,” said Pete. “I got lots done around the house.”

“Mine was good too,” said Hillbilly Bob. “I guess next time we plan a vacation though, we should actually plan it out.”

“Good idea,” laughed Pete.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is a good idea to have a plan in place when going on vacation.
  • Example: Both Hillbilly Bob and his friend, Pete, decided to stay home for their summer vacation because they both didn’t plan anything ahead of time.
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