BC Day

“Fawn,” said Spot. “What are we going to do tomorrow?”

“I don’t know,” said Fawn, playing his favourite computer game. “How about nothing?”

“Nothing!” exclaimed Spot. “Are you kidding? Do you not know that tomorrow is a holiday?”

“It is?” asked Fawn.

“Yes it is,” said Spot. “It is BC Day.”

“Cool,” said Fawn. “I like the sound of that holiday, especially since we now live in BC.”

“Yeah me too,” said Spot. “So are we going to do something tomorrow then?”

“Sure,” said Fawn. “But what?”

“Well,” said Spot. “Since BC Day is all about a celebration of the pioneers who built this province, I thought we could do something pioneerish.”

“Sure,” said Fawn, laughing. “Like climb a mountain.”

“Yes,” said Spot. “After all the pioneers would have had to climb a lot of mountains to build the railway and to build the cities and towns.”

“True,” said Fawn.

BC Day came and Fawn and Spot were all ready to go mountain climbing, when it started to pour rain.

“Ah!” said Fawn, actually happy that it was raining. “We can’t climb a mountain today.”

“No,” said Spot. “It would be too dangerous. However, it isn’t raining all that bad, so we could take a hike.”

Fawn and Spot hiked for a good hour and when they came back home they were exhausted.

“I guess it is a good thing that we didn’t go mountain climbing,” said Spot. “I’m worn right out. I now have a new appreciation for the pioneers though.”

“Yes,” said Fawn, yawning. “Me too!”

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