The Trolls Go Camping

“Well,” said Troll Daddy, when he got home from a long day at work. “What does everybody want to do this weekend?”

“Why don’t we go camping?” Troll Brother asked. “We haven’t been able to go camping for a long, long time.”

“What are you talking about?” Troll Sister piped in. “We’ve never been camping before.”

“Troll Sister!” exclaimed Troll Mother. “We did go camping once. Don’t you remember? We all got in the car and drove up to that beautiful campground. We got all the equipment set up and then it started to rain. Surely you remember that, don’t you?”

“You call that camping,” Troll Sister laughed. “We all ended up with a cold. We were so sick, Troll Mother, that we couldn’t eat for three whole days. If that is what camping is, then I don’t want anything to do with it!”

“Now, Troll Sister,” said Troll Daddy. “I think that Troll Brother has a very good suggestion. Yes, let’s go camping.”

“Can Troll Puppy come, too?” asked Troll Baby.

“Yes, Troll Sweetie,” said Troll Mother. “Troll Puppy can come too.”

“Goody, goody,” said Troll Baby, excitedly.

The trolls all packed their belongings and were ready to go camping. Troll Daddy brought the fishing rods. Troll Mother brought the frying pans. Troll Brother brought his portable radio. Troll Sister brought her curling iron and Troll Baby brought his toy flashlight.

With Troll Puppy jumping all over the children in the back of the station wagon, the trolls were on their way.

“Oh my!” said Troll Mother. “We’ve got to go back. We forgot the food.”

“No! No!” said Troll Daddy. “We can find our own food. We can pick berries and we can fish. We can’t just go back home now. We’re nearly there.”

“Troll Daddy’s right,” said Troll Sister. “So what if we don’t have any food.”

“Look who’s talking,” said Troll Brother. “Would you be so enthusiastic if it was your curling iron that we forgot?”

“Well,” said Troll Sister. “Probably not.”

Troll Daddy and Troll Brother caught lots of fish while Troll Mother, Troll Baby and Troll Sister picked fresh raspberries and blueberries. The troll family had a wonderful meal and they had an excellent time camping, too.

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