Easter Trolls

Last Easter, I told my two children that I didn’t want the Easter Bunny to bring them anymore troll dolls. Ricky already had seventeen or so trolls and Jenny had around ten.

Well, Easter morning came and in my house were almost ten new trolls. They were everywhere! One troll was even bold enough to sleep right beside my bed. Imagine, waking up and seeing a troll first thing in the morning! Why, I don’t even look that ugly when I look at myself in the mirror! However, Ricky and Jenny were very pleased about the new additions to our household.

“I had specifically told that Easter Bunny not to bring any more trolls into this house!” I exclaimed, angrily, after all the trolls had been found.

“Oh!” cried Jenny. “I love these trolls. Mom, you shouldn’t be so mean to trolls!”

“I love them too,” said Ricky. “Besides, you like them too and don’t tell me that you don’t!”

“Oh, alright,” I confessed. “I do like them a little bit, but, I only like the trolls that know how to stay out of trouble.”

“Look Mom,” said Jenny, as she showed me one of her new trolls. “This one makes your wishes come true. You just have to press on his tummy. If his eyes turn green, your wish will come true and if it turns red, then it won’t.”

“Just what I need,” I said. “A troll that will run my life. Let’s see how it works.”

I took the troll and made a wish. I pressed the troll’s tummy and it did exactly what I thought it would. It turned red.

“Let me try that again,” I said, taking the troll from Jenny again. “I wish I may, I wish I might, I wish that all these trolls disappear tonight!”

I pressed down on the troll’s tummy and the light in his eye turned green!

“My wish is going to come true!” I screamed with delight.

I waited and I waited. The trolls did not disappear.

“What is going on here?” I asked. “I can’t even make a wish and have it come true! That is not fair!”

“My wish came true,” laughed Jenny. “I wished that your wish wouldn’t come true!”

“It figures!” I exclaimed, angrily.


Moral of this Story:

  • Sometimes wishes do not come true.
  • Example: I made a wish to have the trolls disappear but it did not come true.

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