Neon Cop’s Summer Chase

Neon Cop was walking around town on a very warm summer day. He had his florescent sunglasses, shorts and top on. He was on duty but you would never know he was a police officer because of the way he dressed.

“Everything looks pretty quiet today,” said Neon Cop to himself. “It is good that people are behaving themselves.”

Neon Cop walked around the corner, where the local grocery store was located. He saw a man coming out of the grocery store with several grocery bags. Neon Cop saw the man was struggling with them. He was going to offer help but then the man ran as fast as he could.

Neon Cop turned and saw another man, run out of the grocery store, chasing after the man with the grocery bags.

“Looks like things are picking up,” said Neon Cop, running to chase the two men.

Neon Cop ran up to the two men.

“What is going on?” asked Neon Cop. “Why are you two chasing each other?”

“I am sorry,” said the first man. “I need to get these groceries home for my wife. I forgot to buy her ice-cream on my way home from work. She is pregnant and is having cravings.”

“I am sorry too,” said the second man. “I was only trying to find out if this man forgot his wallet on the checkout counter at the grocery store.”

“I see,” said Neon Cop. “No crime here.”

“And, yes,” said the first man. “That is my wallet. Thank you!”

The Neon Cop and the second man helped the first man with his groceries.

“Thank you for being so kind,” said the first man. “My wife will appreciate this.”

“You are so welcome,” said Neon Cop and the second man.


Moral of this Story:

  • Things don’t always seem the way they are.
  • Example: Neon Cop thought two men running down the street were involved in a crime.
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