List of Stories with the phrase “Quality Time”

The phrase “Quality Time” …

The phrase “Quality Time” refers to time spent with a friend or family member that is special. Quality time is not rushed into. It is all about spending time with someone that we can cherish.  I have written several stories that contain the phrase “quality time”. You will find samples of the way I used the phrase “quality time” in some of my stories.

  • “S” is for Springtime – Alphabet Allie was very happy about spending quality time with Aunt Sue.
  • Camping in the Rain – Sarah did too because she got to spend some quality time with her husband, something that really didn’t happen all that much when they were home because of their work schedules.
  • Fishing is Relaxing – He thought it would be good for father and son to do some fishing and spend some quality time together.
  • Mountain Life – He had been waiting all summer to spend some quality time with him.
  • Best Friend – “Yes it was,” said Racum. “I guess that best friends need to spend some quality time together every once in awhile.”

Below please find a list of stories on the Storyland website containing the phrase “Quality Time”

  1. Best Friend - May 15, 2001
  2. Camping in the Rain - June 4, 2010
  3. Fishing is Relaxing - May 11, 2009
  4. Mountain Life - August 29, 2005
  5. Silly Snake’s Christmas Fun - June 20, 2008

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