Dancing the Irish Jig

“Come on Annie,” called her father, Grand Old Leprechaun, from the bottom of the stairs. “We are going to be late for the St. Patrick’s Day dance.”

“I’m ready,” said Annie Leprechaun, coming down the stairs. “I still don’t want to go to the dance. I am not a very good dancer.”

“I’m not either,” said Father. “However, the whole idea is to go have some fun and interact with the other leprechauns.”

“The other leprechauns are all males,” said Annie. “They like to tease me.”

“Are you sure it is all the males that like to tease you?” asked Grand Old Leprechaun. “Or is it just Jacob that likes to tease you? Have you ever thought that he teases you because he likes you?”

“I don’t think Jacob likes me,” said Annie.

“Oh,” said Father. “I bet he does.”

“I don’t,” said Annie.

Father and Annie arrived at the dance. All the other leprechauns were on the dance floor. They were dancing the Irish jig. Father grabbed Annie’s arm and brought her to the dance floor.

“Father,” said Annie. “You know I can’t dance and I especially can’t dance the Irish jig.”

“Just follow me,” said Father. “It is easy and so much fun.”

Annie saw her father dance up a storm and kick up his heels. She followed the moves he was doing and before she knew it, she was dancing up a storm.

“This is so much fun,” said Annie.

Annie was enjoying herself very much. She also saw that her father was enjoying himself as well.┬áBecause Annie having so much fun dancing the Irish jig with her father, she didn’t see Jacob watching her. He was surprised at how good she danced.

“May I cut in?” asked Jacob.

“Please do,” said Father, who was very tired and needed a break.

Annie had the time of her life dancing the Irish jig with Jacob.

“You are such a good dancer,” said Jacob when Annie finally took a break.

“Thank you,” said Annie. “You are a very good dancer as well.”

“Listen,” said Jacob. “I know I have teased you a few times in the past and I am very sorry that I did.”

“Thank you for apologizing to me,” said Annie. “I do appreciate it.”

“Would you like to go out for a coffee with me sometime?” asked Jacob.

“I would like that very much,” said Annie, blushing as he father winked at her.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is fun to dance.
  • Example: Annie Leprechaun didn’t want to go to the dance but once she started dancing, she had fun.
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