The St. Patrick’s Day Proposal

Annie Leprechaun was having coffee with her friend, Jacob Leprechaun. They were at a coffee shop. It was St. Patrick’s Day.

“Would you like to go for a walk with me?” asked Jacob. “It is a nice day today.”

“I would like to,” said Annie.

Annie and Jacob finished their coffee and they went for a walk.

“It is a beautiful day,” commented Annie.

“It certainly is,” said Jacob. “It is St. Patrick’s Day after all.”

“A very lucky one,” said Annie, bending over to pick up a penny off the sidewalk.

Annie and Jacob were having a wonderful time together. They were talking and laughing and joking around. All of a sudden Jacob announced that he had to leave.

Annie wasn’t sure what to think. She thought for sure that maybe she had done something wrong. However, she couldn’t think of what that could have been. She liked Jacob very much. In fact, she liked him so much that she was going to marry him one day.

“Jacob!” exclaimed Annie when she saw Jacob in the study talking to her father, Grand Old Leprechaun. “What was so important that you left me?”

“Come here,” said Jacob.

Annie stepped into the study. She was shocked when Jacob got down on his knees and pulled a velvet box out of his pocket.

“Annie,” said Jacob. “Will you marry me?”

“Of course I will,” cried Annie.

“See,” said Jacob. “When we went for our walk today, I realized how much I love you so I rushed over to the jewelry store before they closed and then I remembered that I had to ask your father for his blessing and for your hand in marriage. I wanted to ask you to marry me before St. Patrick’s Day was over and I didn’t have much time left.”

“I was wondering why you had to leave all of a sudden,” said Annie. “I thought I did something wrong.”

“Oh dear,” said Jacob, feeling bad. “No, you didn’t do anything wrong. I am sorry if I made you feel that way.”

“It is okay,” said Annie. “Now that I know why you left.”

“I will tell you what,” said Grand Old Leprechaun, who had been standing in the study silently. “I think we should celebrate. Let’s go out for dinner. My treat.”

“That sounds wonderful,” said Annie.

“It certainly does,” said Jacob.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to realize your love for someone.
  • Example: Jacob realized how much he loved Annie when they went for a walk together.
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