St. Patrick’s Day Fun

“Hi Poor Mountain Father,” said Poor Mountain Sister as she was eating her breakfast.

“What are you doing up so early?” asked Poor Mountain Father.

“It isn’t that early,” said Poor Mountain Sister. “I’ve got to get ready for school.”

“School!” exclaimed Poor Mountain Father. “There is no school today!”

“What?” asked Poor Mountain Sister, looking up at the calendar.

“Yeah,” said Poor Mountain Brother, coming down the stairs. “Today is St. Patrick’s Day!”

“Oh yes,” said Poor Mountain Sister. “Today is the day Larry Leprechaun is visiting us. I almost forgot.”

“Well,” said Poor Mountain Father. “Since you are both awake now, you may as well get dressed. Larry Leprechaun should be here within the hour.”

“Okay,” said Poor Mountain Brother.

“I sure hope that Larry Leprechaun behaves himself this year,” said Poor Mountain Sister.

“If he doesn’t,” said Poor Mountain Brother. “Poor Mountain Mother will make sure he doesn’t come again next year.”

One hour later to the minute, Larry Leprechaun knocked at the door of the Poor Mountain Family’s log cabin. He was dressed in his little green suit and had his little green top hot on.

“Golly good day to everyone,” Larry Leprechaun drawled in his native Irish language.

“Hello Larry,” said Poor Mountain Mother, coldly.

“Ah,” said Larry Leprechaun. “I see Poor Mountain Mother has not forgiven me for my actions from last year.”

“Well,” said Poor Mountain Father. “Do you blame her? Last St. Patrick’s Day was a disaster.”

“I suppose,” said Larry Leprechaun, not liking being reminded of his bad behavior a year ago.

“Yes,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “So there will not be any deep green brew this St. Patrick’s Day, will there?”

“Now dear,” said Poor Mountain Father, seeing the face on Larry Leprechaun deepen a dark green colour. “Larry did say he was sorry about last year.”

“I did,” said Larry.

“Yes,” said Poor Mountain Father, winking at Larry Leprechaun and taking him by the hand and leading him outside.

Poor Mountain Father and Larry Leprechaun sat on the steps on the porch outside.

“Look,” whispered Poor Mountain Father to Larry Leprechaun. “You caused such a ruckus here last year that Poor Mountain Mother was going to ban you from ever stepping foot on our property ever again, but that was before she received the beautiful bouquet of flowers that you sent her.”

“Oh,” said Larry Leprechaun, getting what Poor Mountain Father was getting at. “I see. Did I really cause that much trouble here last year?”

“Definitely,” said Poor Mountain Father. “You were so drunk when you showed up here and then you started passing out your deep green brew to the children and they almost got drunk with you. Poor Mountain Mother was not impressed.”

“I see,” said Larry Leprechaun, pulling out a little green bottle from his jacket pocket. “Then I guess you’d better not have any of this.”

“What is that?” asked Poor Mountain Father.

“My deep green brew,” said Larry Leprechaun.

“You’re going to drink that here?” asked Poor Mountain Father.

“Where else would you like me to drink it?” asked Larry Leprechaun, taking a long sip from his ice cold deep green brew.

“Oh boy,” said Poor Mountain Father. “You are going to get into so much trouble if Poor Mountain Mother catches you with that stuff.”

Poor Mountain Mother just walked outside onto the porch. Larry Leprechaun hid the little green bottle back in his jacket pocket.

“I smell something that I don’t particularly like,” said Poor Mountain Mother, heading straight over to Larry Leprechaun. “Hand it over.”

Larry Leprechaun reached into his pocket and gave the little green bottle to Poor Mountain Mother.

“The other ones too,” said Poor Mountain Mother.

“Uh?” asked Larry Leprechaun.

“Yes,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “The ones in your other pockets.”

Larry Leprechaun gave Poor Mountain Mother all six of his little green bottles.

“Now,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “We can enjoy St. Patrick’s Day together.”

Poor Mountain Mother made a beautiful St. Patrick’s Day brunch for everyone to enjoy. She made some green jelly salad with some green cupcakes. Everyone enjoyed themselves very much.

“Okay,” said Larry Leprechaun. “Now for some good old fashioned St. Patrick’s Day music and dancing.”

Larry Leprechaun took Poor Mountain Mother by the hand and they had a wonderful time together. Poor Mountain Brother and Poor Mountain Sister joined in and soon they were dancing up a storm.

“That deserves a cold one,” said Larry Leprechaun, pulling a little green bottle from his inside jacket pocket.

“Give me that,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “And give me the other three that you have hidden.”

Larry Leprechaun reluctantly gave the last of his little green bottles of deep green brew to Poor Mountain Mother.

“You know,” said Larry Leprechaun, honestly, at the end of the evening. “I enjoyed this St. Patrick’s Day very much and I have realized that I don’t need to drink to have fun.”

“Good,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “And to tell you the truth, I have actually enjoyed your company very much this year too.”

Well, Larry Leprechaun was so impressed with Poor Mountain Mother’s statement that he decided right then and there that he didn’t need to drink any more of his deep green brew to have fun. He reached deep into his inside pocket and pulled out his last little green bottle of deep green brew and handed it to Poor Mountain Mother.


Moral of this Story:

  • You don’t have to drink to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day.
  • Example: Larry Leprechaun enjoyed St. Patrick’s Day without drinking.
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