Eager Eagle flew onto a fence post to stop to talk to his new friends Fawn and Spot.

“What is that in her mouth?” Eager Eagle asked Fawn.

“Whose mouth?” asked Fawn.

“That bird sitting on the grass,” said Eager Eagle.

“Gee,” said Spot. “That is Betty Robin. It looks like she has a worm in her mouth.”

“Really,” said Eager Eagle. “What is she going to do with it?”

“Eat it,” said Fawn. “You are a bird. Don’t you eat worms?”

“Not me,” said Eager Eagle. “I eat mostly fish.”

“Oh,” said Fawn.

“Do all little birds eat worms?” asked Eager Eagle.

“Well most little birds that I have seen eat worms,” said Spot. “Why?”

“I have this little friend,” said Eager Eagle. “He is really sick and I have to find something to feed him. I have been feeding him bits of fish but it isn’t helping him.”

“Maybe Betty Robin can help you out?” asked Spot. “She is really nice and I’m sure she wouldn’t mind helping you out.”

Spot went over to speak with Betty Robin. Betty Robin was concerned about Eager Eagle though because he was such a strong bird. She had been picked on many times by lots of other birds. Spot reassured Betty Robin that Eager Eagle would not hurt her. Betty Robin told Spot that she would be more than happy to help out. She came over to the fence post beside Eager Eagle.

“Who is your little friend?” asked Betty Robin.

“His name is Bobby Jay,” said Eager Eagle. “I found him lying in the grass the other day. He was injured really badly. He can’t fly and he really needs something to eat.”

Betty Robin hopped down into the grass and began scooping up a couple of worms for Eager Eagle to take to Bobby Jay. She did this for about a week and was so thrilled when Eager Eagle showed up on the fence post one afternoon with Bobby Jay.

“Thank you so much for helping me out,” said Bobby Jay to Betty Robin. “I really appreciate it.”

“It really was nothing,” said Betty Robin, blushing. “I was happy to help out and I am so glad that you are okay now.”

“Well,” said Bobby Jay. “My wing is feeling much stronger as each day goes by.”

“Just keep exercising it,” said Betty Robin. “That will help strengthen it.”

“Okay,” said Bobby Jay. “That is what I’ll do.”

“Betty Robin,” said Eager Eagle. “I want to thank you too for helping out Bobby Jay. For everything you have done for us, I am going to protect you here in the forest, you and your family.”

“Why thank you,” said Betty Robin. “I appreciate that very much!”

Eager Eagle kept his word and pretty soon everyone in the forest knew enough to leave Betty Robin alone or else they knew they would have to deal with Eager Eagle.

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