A Misty St. Patrick’s Day

It was St. Patrick’s Day morning. Lucky Leprechaun woke up early and looked out his bedroom window. He saw a thick mist covering the valley.

“Oh this is not good,” said Lucky Leprechaun to himself. “That mist is a bad omen. I don’t feel good about it at all.”

Lucky Leprechaun sat down on the stool in his kitchen and he thought back to the last time he remembered seeing a thick mist over the valley. It was a few years back. He remembered having the same feeling that morning too but then he remembered that day wasn’t a bad day at all. In fact, he remembered that day ended up being a very lucky day.

“That was the day I found my first four-leaf clover,” said Lucky Leprechaun.

Four-leaf clovers are very difficult to find. Some leprechauns take years to find one, some never find one but there are some, like Lucky Leprechaun, that are lucky to find one. It is very lucky when a leprechaun does find one.

“Maybe the mist over the valley isn’t a bad omen after all,” said Lucky Leprechaun getting dressed.

Lucky Leprechaun couldn’t shake that bad omen feeling he had though. He thought back to that day again, a few years back. He remembered having that bad omen feeling.

“Was that bad omen because of the mist?” asked Lucky Leprechaun to himself. “No, I don’t think it was. I had a bad dream the night before that mist. Come to think of it, I had a bad dream last night as well.”

Lucky Leprechaun was relieved that he found out the source of the bad omen.

“Now I can have a lucky St. Patrick’s Day,” said Lucky Leprechaun.

Lucky Leprechaun went outside and started walking down his laneway. His foot kicked something. He bent down and he picked up a penny.

“Finding a penny is very good luck,” said Lucky Leprechaun, putting the penny in his pocket. “This is going to be a very lucky St. Patrick’s Day for me.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is very lucky to find a four-leaf clover.
  • Example: Lucky Leprechaun found a four-leaf clover and he had good luck for the rest of that day.

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