A Sunny St. Patrick’s Day

Lucky Leprechaun woke up on St. Patrick’s Day morning with the sun shining brightly through his bedroom window.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Lucky Leprechaun to himself, shielding his eyes from the sun. “What a beautiful St. Patrick’s Day morning! That sun shining so brightly is a sign that this is going to be a very lucky St. Patrick’s Day.”

Lucky Leprechaun opened up the front door of his house and he saw the sun shining. He caught a glimmer of the sun shining brightly on something on his front lawn. He went over to where he saw the glimmer and was very surprised to see ten pots of gold sitting there.

“Ten pots of gold!” exclaimed Lucky Leprechaun. “Wow! That sure is a lot of gold!”

“Sir,” said a little girl, walking up Lucky Leprechaun’s walkway, later that morning. “Are you a leprechaun?”

“I sure am,” said Lucky Leprechaun, doing a little leprechaun dance.

“Do you have a pot of gold?” asked the little girl.

“I don’t have just one,” said Lucky Leprechaun. “I have ten.”

“How can I get one?” asked the little girl.

“Well,” said Lucky. “Normally people give me a four-leaf clover and then I give them a pot of gold in return. Do you have a four-leaf clover?”

“No,” said the little girl, disappointed. “I looked all over for one but I couldn’t find one.”

Lucky Leprechaun took a good look into the little girl’s eyes and he saw a sadness there.

“What is your name?” asked Lucky Leprechaun.

“My name is Lucy,” said the little girl.

“Lucy,” said Lucky Leprechaun. “My name is Lucky Leprechaun. What do you need a pot of gold for?”

“My mother is ill and we have no money,” said Lucy. “My mother needs a new dress and I wanted to buy her one.”

“That is a very nice thing you want to do for your mother,” said Lucky.

Lucky Leprechaun looked at Lucy and then the ten pots of gold. He picked one of the pots of gold up and gave it to Lucy. That still left him with nine pots of gold.

Lucky Leprechaun turned around and there, on the ground beside his foot was a four-leaf clover. He picked it up and held it in his hand for a moment.

“Lucy,” said Lucky Leprechaun, handing the four-leaf clover to her. “I want you to have this.”

Lucky Leprechaun could tell by the look in Lucy’s eyes that she loved it.

“Thank you so much,” said Lucy, crying, tears of joy.

“No,” said Lucky Leprechaun, seeing the look of pure joy in Lucy’s face. “Thank you for helping me have the luckiest St. Patrick’s Day.”

Lucky Leprechaun did feel very lucky to be able to give Lucy a pot of gold and a four-leaf clover and he was very lucky to see the look of pure joy in her eyes from those two gifts.


Moral of this Story:

  • It always pays to help others.
  • Example: Lucky Leprechaun helped Lucy by giving her a pot of gold and a four-leaf clover.
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