Annie Leprechaun and the Friendly Dragon

Annie Leprechaun woke up on St. Patrick’s Day morning. She was covered in sweat. She felt a strange warmth on her face. When she opened her eyes and was shocked to be staring into the eyes of a dragon.

“Please get away from my face,” said Annie. “My face is burning.”

“Oh dear,” said the dragon, backing away from Annie’s face. “How rude of me?”

“Thank you,” said Annie, taking a wash cloth from her nightstand and dipping it into the bowl of cool water beside her and then cooling herself off with it. “That feels better.”

“Are you a leprechaun?” asked the dragon.

“I am,” said Annie. “And, you are a dragon?”

“Yes,” said the dragon.

“I didn’t think leprechauns existed,” said the dragon. “I thought leprechauns were folklore and legends.”

“That is quite funny,” said Annie. “I thought the same about dragons.”

“I guess we both have proved that legends and folklore are real,” said the dragon.

“You are right,” said Annie. “Nobody believes that we exist.”

“I believe that what other people believe doesn’t matter, as long as we believe,” said the dragon.

“I think that is a great belief,” said Annie. “And, I think it is something I am going to believe in as well.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to believe in folklore and legends.
  • Example: Annie Leprechaun met a dragon who believed they have proved legends and folklore are real.

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