A Four-Leaf Clover

“I have had nothing but bad luck lately,” explained Reggie to his friend, Marcus.

“I have too,” said Marcus.

“We need to change our luck,” said Reggie. “I don’t like all this bad luck.”

“I think we need to find a four-leaf clover,” said Marcus. “A four-leaf clover would bring us good luck.”

“That is a great idea,” said Reggie.

Reggie and Marcus searched everywhere for a four-leaf clover. All they found were three-leaf clovers.

“This is a lot harder than I thought,” said Marcus.

“You know,” said Reggie. “Maybe we are trying too hard to find one. Maybe we need to give our search a bit of a break.”

“I am going to keep looking,” said Marcus. “That has to be a four-leaf clover around here somewhere.”

Marcus kept searching. Reggie decided he would take a break and start looking again the next morning.

“It is St. Patrick’s Day today,” said Marcus, when Reggie showed up to search for a four-leaf clover the next morning.

Marcus had searched all through the night and did not find one.

“I am glad it is St. Patrick’s Day,” said Reggie. “Maybe we will have a better luck in finding a four-leaf clover today.”

Marcus continued searching. His eyes were sore, his mind was foggy and he was very, very tired. Reggie, on the other hand, had fresh eyes, a sharp mind and he felt well rested.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Reggie, about an hour later. “I found one!”

“You did,” said Marcus, exhausted.

“Yes,” said Reggie.

Reggie carefully picked the four-leaf clover. He immediately found his luck changed.

“You are right,” Reggie told Marcus. “My luck has changed with my four-leaf clover.”

Reggie left and Marcus continued his search. He was so tired. He ended up falling asleep. He slept for a few hours and when he woke up, right beside his foot was a four-leaf clover.

“Reggie was right,” said Marcus. “I needed to rest.”

Marcus and Reggie both had good luck from that day on.

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