The Leprechaun Lost his Magical Dust

Sitting on the top of a hillside area in a remote section of Storyland, is a little fellow, a leprechaun. The leprechaun is all dressed in his best green suit and hat and looks quite elegant, as elegant as a leprechaun could like.

It is St. Patrick’s Day and the leprechaun is very excited. Today he is going to be in the St. Patrick’s Day parade and he can hardly wait. Not every leprechaun is invited to be in the parade, only special leprechauns, leprechauns with magic.

“Okay,” said the leprechaun to himself. “I just need to sprinkle some magical dust on myself to give myself some good luck.”

The leprechaun reached around for his container of magical dust. He could not find it anywhere. He got up from where he was sitting and searched high and low for it.

“I know I had it this morning,” said the leprechaun. “It was sitting right over …”

Just then, the leprechaun noticed an eagle feather sitting in the exact spot his magical dust had been.

“Oh no!” exclaimed the leprechaun. “My magical dust has been stolen. Now, what am I going to do? I am not going to be able to be in the St. Patrick’s Day parade. I’m going to be all washed up. This is the ruin of me!”

Suddenly an eagle swooped down right in front of the leprechaun. Oh, he was a beautiful eagle but the leprechaun really couldn’t have cared less about the eagle. He was only concerned about getting the magical dust back.

“Why don’t you look in your suit pocket?” asked the eagle, as he swooped down in front of the leprechaun one more time.

“What are you talking about?” asked the leprechaun angrily. “You and I both know that you stole my magical dust. Your feather is proof.”

The leprechaun bent down to pick up the eagle feather and just as he was about ready to stand up, a small bottle fell from his suit jacket to the ground.

“Maybe next time you shouldn’t be so quick to judge,” said the eagle flying away, far, far away.

The leprechaun didn’t even apologize to the eagle. He just sprinkled his magical dust on himself and off to the parade he went. Once at the parade though, the leprechaun soon realized that he shouldn’t have been so rude to the eagle and that he should have apologized to him because the leprechaun that was in charge of putting the St. Patrick’s parade together spotted the leprechaun right away and went straight over to him.

“So,” said the parade organizer. “I hear that you were very rude to an eagle today.”

“Yes,” said the leprechaun, not being able to lie to the parade organizer. “I was.”

“Well just for that you are banned from this year’s parade,” said the organizer. “And quite possibly from next year’s as well.”

“I’m so sorry,” said the leprechaun, tears streaming from his eyes. “I didn’t mean it. I really did mean to apologize to the eagle.”

“Well,” said the organizer. “You go right now and apologize to that eagle and then you can be in the parade.”

“But the parade is going to start in any minute,” cried the leprechaun.

“Then you’d better hurry,” said the organizer.

The leprechaun ran through the field adjacent to the park and was lucky to find the eagle sitting on a post.

“I’m sorry for not apologizing to you,” said the leprechaun.

The eagle knew that the leprechaun truly did mean it and he forgave the leprechaun.

“I’ve got to go now,” said the leprechaun. “I’m going to be late for the parade.”

“No you won’t,” said the eagle.

The eagle swooped up and grabbed the leprechaun gently in his beak and flew with him to where the parade was just starting. The eagle gently dropped the leprechaun down to the ground at the beginning of the parade.

From that day forth, the eagle and the leprechaun had become good friends and the leprechaun was given the lead role to march in the St. Patrick’s Day parade every year from that point on.


Moral of this Story:

  • Don’t be rude to others.
  • Example: The leprechaun was rude to the eagle and he didn’t apologize to him.

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