Lightning and Shammy Rock

“Oh dear,” said ten year old Andrew. “It is raining out. I have to get home.”

Andrew had been out visiting with his friend, Shammy Rock. Andrew met Shammy Rock on St. Patrick’s Day when a bright light from a meteorite flew across the horizon and caused Shammy Rock to come to life. Shammy Rock had been Andrew’s best friend from that day on.

“I love the rain,” said Shammy Rock.

“Yes,” Andrew said. “You were once a plant. Of course you like rain.”

A flash of lightning lit up the sky.

“Look at that bright light,” said Shammy Rock. “That is so cool. It is just like the bright light that flew across the horizon from that meteorite the night I came alive.”

“Oh my!” exclaimed Andrew. “No, this is nothing like that! Lightning is dangerous. We have to hide from it.”

“But I don’t understand,” said Shammy Rock. “I love bright lights. Bright lights are the whole reason I came to life.”

“But that bright light from the meteorite wasn’t dangerous,” explained Andrew. “Believe me, you don’t want to get hit by a bolt of lightning.”

“But,” said Shammy Rock. “I am a four-leaf clover. I have luck on my side.”

“Luck isn’t going to help you one bit if you get struck by lightning,” said Andrew.

Shammy Rock refused to hide. He wanted to see more lightning.

“Come on Shammy Rock,” coaxed Andrew.

“You go hide,” said Shammy Rock. “I will stay here.”

Another bolt of lightning lit up the sky. Andrew and Shammy Rock watched the lightning bolt hit a tree off in the distance. They could see smoke smoldering from where the tree was hit.

“Where do we go hide?” asked Shammy Rock.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is best to stay away from a bolt of lightning.
  • Example: Shammy Rock thought because he was a four-leaf clover he would have enough luck to keep safe from a bolt of lightning. That was until he saw what lightning did to a tree.

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